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Want to foster sustainable innovation and community engagement?

Interested in buying or commissioning a painting or illustration?

Portraits are a long-lasting love... How many school hours spent sketching my friends or teachers?  When I draw a portrait or a caricature, a feeling of deep empathy for my model grows.

I work from picture of live. Contact me if you want a portrait of a loved one, or to hire me as a live portraitist for an event, a party or a wedding. 

Interested in a painting? 

If you like a piece you saw on this website,

if you want a portrait of your loved ones,

if you want a custom painting for your space, 

don't hesitate to reach out. We will think together how to get you the artwork that will make you happy every time you look at it. 


I will also give you information about pricing. I believe that art should be accessible to everyone. So if you really love a painting or feel like a portrait would be very special for you or someone you care about, let's discuss and we will make it work. 

"There are already two paintings of Elise in my house. They are in a position where they are the first thing I see in the morning, it gives me great joy!"

Get a customized painting or illustration

You have this empty wall looking at you or you want to change the mood of your space?

You like the style of my paintings but you cannot find on this website the perfect one for you?

I am open to commissions: you chose the subject, the mood, the colours, the style and the size for your painting. Or you let me decide, it is up to you. I will put my heart in creating a piece that will bring beauty and happiness into your space.



"Each of Elise's paintings tells a unique story..."

Commission a portrait

A portrait is a piece of eternal love. It can be a painting of children, parents, friends, pets, for you or as a present to someone you care about. 

I work from pictures and I paint in my studio. You can provide the picture or I will come to you and will take it myself. You chose the style, the mood and the colours of the painting. 


"The portrait captures something about me that I hadn''t seen yet.

It made me look at myself in a different light."


If you've spotted a painting on the website that catches your eye, drop me a message via email or the contact form. You're also welcome to swing by the studio for an in-person viewing - just drop me a line to make an appointment. 


If you think about commissioning a painting or illustration, this is the process:

1. Intake

Contact me via email or through the contact form to schedule a free consultation, either online or face-to-face, to share your ideas and preferences for the artwork. I'll provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

2. Commission Agreement

Together, we'll finalize the details – style, colors, mood, and price. Once we agree, I'll provide you with a commission agreement for your approval. If needed, a deposit secures your commission. 

3. Artwork Creation

I'll pour my heart into crafting your custom artwork, aiming for completion within 2 months. Throughout the process, I'll keep you updated.

4. Framing (optional)

I can provide framing options for your artwork, including American box, metal, wood, or vintage frames - with costs laid out upfront for transparency.

5. Delivery

Whether you're local or far away, your artwork will get to you safely. Pick up from the studio or opt for delivery – we'll discuss all associated costs upfront.

6. Ongoing Communication

Questions? Ideas? I'm all ears! Reach out anytime, and I'll be here to assist you every step of the way.

Elise, we received the portraits in good order, and we LOVE them! Thank you very much, we are very please with the results. 


Need to revitalize your sustainable innovation?

As a consultant, I help you map complexity, foster dialogue, and craft creative solutions. My approach combines analytical rigor with creativity and empathy, leveraging methodologies like design thinking, systems thinking, and storytelling to unite diverse perspectives and spark innovation.

Services Offered

Systems Research and Analysis: Gain insights into complex social, ecological, and organisational systems and identify leverage points for strategic action. Visualize system maps to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Ideation Facilitation and Visualisation: Harness the power of design thinking to facilitate multidisciplinary ideation sessions. Generate disruptive ideas and create strong IP blending novel technology, user-experience and application contexts.

"When we launched the Adaptive Strategy for Circular Design Elise presented the systemic design work she had developed for Philips. It's the best systemic design work applied to the corporate sector that I've ever seen for two reasons. First, the depth of the analysis, and second the visual and storytelling communication exercise around it makes it understandable to people with different backgrounds and ways of thinking."

Anna Queralt Fuentes, Strategic Design Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Aiming to engage people for sustainable action?

I specialize in empowering communities to understand their role in transformation and take actionable steps towards sustainability. My Approach combine storytelling expertise with educational techniques to embed content and foster emotional engagement.

Baltan Raise your voice session 2 HR30.jpg

Services Offered

Ecological story making: Raise awareness and drive pro-environmental engagement and introduce non-human stakeholders into innovation processes.

Community Management: Share knowledge and inspire through authentic narratives of community. Gain theoretical and practical knowledge to drive sustainability initiatives forward through engaging lectures on ecological storytelling, systems storytelling and planet-centered design.

"Elise's expertise on ecological storytelling has big potential in the context of sustainability. With this method we reached a novel and profound engagement mindset amongst employees."

Helle Ullerup, Sustainability Lead at Philips

Portraits are a long-lasting love... How many school hours spent sketching my friends or teachers?  When I draw a portrait or a caricature, a feeling of deep empathy for my model grows.

I work from picture of live. Contact me if you want a portrait of a loved one, or to hire me as a live portraitist for an event, a party or a wedding. 

Let's work together! Whether you're seeking to mobilize your community for change or explore new pathways for sustainable action, I'm here to help.


How to Get Started

Reach out via email or the contact form to schedule a free intake consultation. During this session, we'll delve into your needs, discuss my services in more detail, and explore potential avenues for collaboration.


What to Expect

After understanding your needs and requirements, I'll craft tailored options for working together. These options are modular, allowing us to start with workshops, lectures, or other engagements and expand as needed.

Don't hesitate to get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you and driving compassionate futures together.

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