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Interested in an art piece? 

If you like a piece you saw on this website,

if you want a portrait of your loved ones,

if you want a custom painting for your space, 

don't hesitate to reach out. We will think together how to get you the artwork that will make you happy every time you look at it. 

I will also give you information about pricing. Good art costs time, hence money, but I also believe that art should be accessible to everyone. So if you really love a painting or feel like a portrait would be very special for you or someone you care about, let's discuss and we will make it work. 

commission a portrait

Buy a painting

The Tsunamis and Roman Gods are powerful pieces that immediately brighten and give emotion to a whole space. These are large paintings, so ideal for a living room, a bedroom or an empty wall in a corridor. Contact me for pricing and information or for seeing them live.

Buy a paiting

If you are into sustainability, Mr Bush will remind you with humour that we must keep acting for a healthy Planet.

These 1-meter-square paintings, with carefully crafted bold lines and flat colours, will give a pop to any room. The medium format makes it easy to place them on a wall above furniture. Contact me for pricing and information or for seeing them live.


Get a customized painting 

You have this empty wall waiting for a window to a place you love, or you want to change the mood of your space?

You like the style of my paintings but you cannot find on this website the perfect one for you?

I am open to commissions: you chose the subject, the mood, the colours, the style and the size for your painting. Or you let me decide, it is up to you. I will put my heart in creating a piece that will bring beauty and happiness into your space.


Let's have a cup of coffee (in real life or online) so you can tell me what you have in mind and I can give you more information. If you decide to commission a painting, we will discuss how the perfect painting would look like for you. 

Commission a portrait


A portrait is a piece of eternal love. It can be a painting of children, parents, friends, pets, for you or as a present to someone you care about. 

I work from pictures you provide and I paint in my studio. We will discuss the picture to select for the portrait, the style, the mood and the colors of the painting. Painting takes a few weeks. When it is ready, I will send you the portrait in a beautiful box, so unwrapping it feels like opening a treasure. 

Contact me for pricing and getting to know each other. 

Contact me

for inquiries about a piece you like, for a commission or just to get in touch. 



Thank you for your message!

Visit the studio 

Drop me an email to plan a moment for your visit.

Klokgebouw 231 - 4th floor

5617 AB Eindhoven


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