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About Elise Talgorn

I am a multidisciplinary researcher, designer and artist creating positive futures. I always had this dual love for uncovering mechanics and creating triggering images. 

As a kid, it was solving Rubik's Cubes and drawing comic strips.

Today, it is studying sustainable system transitions and painting emotions of change.

My CV in brief:

- 1982-2004. Growing up in France, caricaturing teachers, and studying renewable energy sciences across Europe.

- 2006-2010. PhD in applied physics at Delft University, investigating next-gen solar cells. 

- 2011-2015. Senior scientist at Philips Research, designing energy-efficient light installations.

- 2015-2023. Senior strategist at Philips Design, driving radical healthcare visions and circular transformations.

- 2006-now. Illustrator and painter for museums, private collectors and newspapers.  

- 2023-now: Independent researcher and innovation consultant.

I paint from my studio in the historical Klokgebouw building in Eindhoven. You are always welcome there to look at the work and chat around a cup of coffee or tea. 


Selected exhibitions, workshops and talks


Baltan Laboratories | Eindhoven, NL

Winterschool on narratives | Twente, NL


Future of Work Festival - Who owns the economy ? | Den Bosch, NL

Studio Route | Eindhoven, NL

Relating System Design conference | Georgetown, US

Narratives Matter | Tampere, FI


Ellen MacArthur Foundation summit | Amsterdam,  NL


Dutch Design Week | Eindhoven, NL

Future of Work Foundation | Den Bosch, NL


Baltan Laboratories | Eindhoven, NL

Design Research Society conference | Bilbao, SP


German Society for Design and Research | Kiel, GE



Dutch Design Week | Eindhoven, NL

Festival of Emergence | online


Relating System Design conference | Delft, NL

Philips Youth Sustainability Day | Amsterdam, NL

Festival of Emergence | Online


5G Hub opening | Eindhoven, NL


Kazerne Innovation Café | Eindhoven


VPRO Medialab Smart Home Night | Eindhoven, NL

VPRO Medialab Bliksem and Donderdag | Eindhoven, NL


Light and Building Fair | Frankfurt, GE


MLB Gallery | Amsterdam, NL


Star Gallery | Den Haag, NL


Maritiem Museum, Winner Public Price | Rotterdam, NL

Books & Publications

Compassionate futures

Invoking ‘Empathy for the Planet’ through Participatory Ecological Storytelling: From Human-Centered to Planet-Centered Design.

Sustainability, 2023

How to deal with the anxiety of losing yourself in a post-anthropocentric society?

Co-Emerging Economies: Exploring Radical Perspectives on Post-Anthropocentric Economies, Lecturis, 2022

A Storytelling Methodology to Facilitate User-Centered Co-Ideation between Scientists and Designers.

Sustainability, 2022

Storytelling for Systems Design: Embedding and communicating complex and intangible data through narratives.

Proceedings-RSD10: Playing with Tensions - Embracing- Embracing new complexity, collaboration and contexts in systemic design, 2021

Exploring the future has never been so slippery.

Dutch Future Society, 2020 

Future healthcare

Turning Novices into Experts: Can Artificial Intelligence Transform Echocardiography Training?

European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging, 2020

40+ patent applications and filings describing how emerging interaction technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence agents can create improve healthcare and well-being, 2012-2023. 

Full list here

Solar energy and energy-efficient lighting

Can LEDs Help with Art Conservation? – Impact of Different Light Spectra on Paint Pigment Degradation.

Studies in conservation, 2016

From Sphere to Multipod: Thermally Induced Transitions of CdSe Nanocrystals Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations,

JACS, 2013

Photoconductivity of PbSe Quantum-Dot Solids: Dependence on Ligand Anchor Group and Length.

ACS Nano, 2012

Unity Quantum Yield of Photogenerated Charges and Band-Like Transport in Quantum-Dot Solids.

E. Talgorn et al. Nature Nanotechnology, 2011

Enhanced Hot-Carrier Cooling and Ultrafast Spectral Diffusion in Strongly Coupled PbSe Quantum-Dot Solids.

Nano Letters, 2011

Photoconductivity Enhancement in Multilayers of CdSe and CdTe Quantum Dots.

ACS Nano, 2011

Conductive Response of a Photo-Excited Sample in a Radio-Frequent Driven Resonance Cavity.

Review of Scientific Instruments, 2011

Supercrystals of CdSe Quantum Dots with High Charge Mobility and Efficient Electron Transfer to TiO2.

ACS Nano, 2010

Highly Photoconductive CdSe Quantum-Dot Films: Influence of Capping Molecules and Film Preparation Procedure.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010

Study of Electronic Defects in CdSe Quantum Dots and Their Involvement in Quantum Dot Solar Cells.

Nano Letters, 2009

Temperature Dependence of Electron Transport in CdSe Quantum Dot Films.

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009

Harvesting Sunlight,

Joining the Forces to Shape the Future, 3TU Federation Research Highlights, 2009

Laser Fired Back Contact for Silicon Solar Cells.

Thin Solid Films, 2008

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