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Connecting People and Nature
Through Science, Art and Stories

Science guides my understanding of people and nature.
Art and stories, by elevating everyday beauty, reconnect us with people and nature. 

​In a world dominated by materialism and individualism, driving social distress and ecological collapse, it's time to rekindle a profound sense of connection and purpose. Drawing on two decades of expertise in sustainable innovation and art, I believe that addressing today's socio-environmental challenges requires a holistic approach, incorporating both technological solutions and a renewed bond with nature and humanity.
I am a multidisciplinary researcher, artist, and consultant creating knowledge and experiences to reshape our relationship with people, technology and nature. My research integrates physics, systems thinking, narratology, and design to unravel the scientific principles shaping our understanding of people and nature. Through visual and immersive storytelling experiences, my artistic and design practice fosters perspective taking, systemic awareness, and collective creativity.
Together, we can craft compassionate futures where empathy, beauty, and authenticity guide our actions and create positive change. Join me on this transformative journey.



Are you drawn to images that instantly connect with people and nature?

Do you want to change mindsets to implement transformation?

Do you seek true multi-disciplinary innovation to enable sustainable futures?

Do you want to learn how to communicate with emotional impact?

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Community Engagement

Systemic Innovation

Stories of selfless beauty

Stories empowering through change

Empathic collaboration for better futures


Knowledge and inspiration

My paintings and illustrations are windows to the hidden world of beauty that surrounds us every day. They create moments that remind you to find contentment in the purest emotion, free from the need for excess. A pause away from the world's chaos. 

Understanding their role and the transformative journey ahead is key for citizens, employees, and leaders to take action in the sustainability transition. I use strategic communication and story-making techniques to educate, inspire, build communities around a shared vision, and stimulate sustainable action.

Tackling global challenges requires a holistic grasp of wicked problems and multidisciplinary collaboration within integrated value chains. Using systems design and creative facilitation, I guide the co-creation of innovative solutions uniting technology, business, and empathy for Planetary stakeholders.

Learn how to use storytelling to engage your audience rationally and emotionally around complex challenges and ideas. I give talks and trainings in companies, universities, schools, cultural institutes and at international conferences. 

"Each of Elise's paintings tells a unique story"

"Storytelling is a really strong method to get organizations reflect on their current behaviour, and at least start the conversation. I love the way storytelling creates the opportunity to discuss change and innovation in the form of metaphors."

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